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Each bronze plaque is custom made according to your requirements.  Bronze plaques can be produced in any size with various border styles, letter sizes and styles, finishes and mounting methods. Three dimensional or flat portraits may be cast as part of any plaque. Browse these examples and then let one of our designers assist you.

We have created set of web page so that you can easily scan through some of our custom designed bronze plaques. Design elements of any of these plaques can be easily combined by our bronze plaque designers.

Click on any image below to view a larger photograph of that particular plaque or click on a quick link to go to a web page dedicated to that specific design of bronze plaques.


 Image of Bronze Plaque Style 3632
Bronze Plaque Style 3644 Bronze Plaque Style 3638
Bronze Plaque with Adam border Bronze Plaque with Beaded Bevel Border Bronze Plaque with Floral border
Bronze Plaque with Sculpted Image of Hap Arnold Bronze Plaque with Sculpted Wheat Design Bronze Plaque with Sculpted Pine Cone Design
Bronze Plaque with Ivy Leaf Border Bronze Plaque with Union border
Bronze Plaque with Sculpted Dog Figure Bronze Plaque with Flat Relief Hearts
Bronze Plaque With Custom Badge Artwork Polished Bronze Plaque Bronze Plaque with Flat Relief
Bronze Plaque with Sculpted Bas Relief Bronze Plaque with Low Relief Image Bronze Plaque with Color Tile and actual badge
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All of our plaques are custom designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. You may order them as designed here (with your own words of course), or with any design you desire. Since they are all custom designed and manufactured, you can change the graphics and words easily. If you see a plaque that you like, feel free to fill out our ContactUs form or give us a call - there is no a cost or obligation.


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